TIPS & TRICKS: Google Flights new feature to find deals easier

Google Flights new feature to find deals easier


Recently Google Flights have introduced a new feature called “Price Insights”, which will let you know if flights are expensive, cheap or on par. While this currently won’t work for every flight, it is progressively being rolled out across all flight searches.

For instance when searching for a Sydney to Honolulu flight during February 2020 the price is $433. Down the bottom of the screen Google will now tell you that the price is considered “low” in comparison with similar flights during this time to Honolulu, which usually costs between $620-$830.

So based on this, you may decide to lock in this price or check alternative dates for a better deal. Here at flightfinderau, we have introduced this feature to all our deals to give you a indication if you are getting a deal or not.


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