TIPS & TRICKS: 4 Tips to Save Money When Booking Flights

4 Tips to Save Money When Booking Flights


Travel money specialist FairFX has released 4 tips to save money when booking flights –

  • Check multiple flight departure dates – By varying your departure date by just two days, sizeable savings can be achieved. For example, those heading to Europe in June 2020 may find booking flights with departures in the early part of June can be significantly cheaper than flying in the final days of June.

  • Check alternative airports – Departing from the Gold Coast instead of Brisbane can also lead to savings made. In this example, Gold Coast tends to attract the international budget carriers such as Air Asia & Scoot when compared to Brisbane.

  • Choose the right day of the week to fly –  Average flight costs can vary by as much as 36 per cent depending on which the day you choose to depart. It is generally found that mid-week departures are cheaper than weekend departures.

  • Compare the total prices – Don’t just limit your search to just the cost of flights. Have a look at the cost of accommodation and tourist attractions to get a complete view of costs.

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