NEWS: Top 10 Most Lucrative Airline Routes

Top 10 Most Lucrative Airline Routes


Recently Forbes released a list of 10 of the world’s most lucrative airline routes. Interestingly 2 have a Australian flavour to it.

5 of the top 10 operate from London’s main airport, Heathrow, flying to New York, Dubai, Singapore, Doha and Hong Kong (which is partly due to the limited availability of slots at Heathrow). 5 of the top 10 land in the USA.

Top 10 Most Lucrative Airline Routes ($USD) – April 2018 to March 2019

1. London Heathrow – New York (JFK): British Airways most profitable route making $1.16bn.

2. Melbourne – Sydney: Earning Qantas $861m, with an average revenue per hour of $23.77.

3. Dubai – London Heathrow: Brought in revenue of $796m for Emirates.

4. Singapore – London Heathrow: Singapore Airlines sold $736m worth of tickets.

5. San Francisco – New York (Newark): United Airlines highest grossing domestic service making $689m.

6. Los Angeles – New York (JFK): American Airlines top domestic route making $662m.

7. Doha – London Heathrow: The world’s best rated airline, Qatar Airways made $639m flying this route.


8. Hong Kong – London Heathrow: Cathay Pacific made $605m on this route.

9. Singapore – Sydney: Singapore Airlines second highest money earner, making $550m in ticket sales.

10. Vancouver – Toronto: Air Canada earned revenues of $541m on this 4.5 hr route.

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